Frequently Asked Questions


Does my child need to bring anything to class?

No, we provide all the art materials. However, we do recommend students wear a paint smock or an old item of clothing in case they are messy workers!


How many children are in a class?

The preschool and kindy classes can go up to 10 children. If more than this, it is because a regular student has forgotten to book and we sometimes fit them in to avoid disappointment. The drawing and manga classes can reach 12-14 children. All other art classes can have 18 children in them, but we employ teachers assistants to help when the numbers go over 10.


Is there parking?

We have 8 car spaces and plenty of parking outside office business hours. During business hours please drop your child off and leave promptly, so that other parents can use the car spaces too.


Do I have to stay with my child during class time?

No, it is preferred that you drop your children to class and leave. This is to ensure the safety of all our students, in accordance with child safety laws and Covid-19 safety guidelines.

If you feel that your absence during the lesson would cause a lot of distress to your child, then it is possible they are too young for the class.


Can my child start midterm?

If we have a vacancy in the class you want your child to attend then yes, they can start midterm. You will only pay for the remaining weeks of the term.


Do you provide makeup classes when my child is absent?

No, we do not allow make-up classes. Your child will be given an opportunity to catch up on missed work when they return.


Is my child allowed to eat in class?

No. We have children with various allergies at our school so we do not permit eating in class. A water bottle is allowed if your child is likely to get thirsty.


When do bookings open for the Term?

Bookings open in Week 10 of the term for the following term. Book early to avoid disappointment. If you leave it until the day before a class starts to book you are likely to miss out on a place.

Do you accept the Creative Kids voucher?

Yes, we do. When booking a class on our Book Now page select the Creative Kids voucher near the top of the page and add it to your shopping cart. The $100 will then be deducted from your total. Email the voucher name, number, and birthdate to us when booking.