Children’s Art Classes

Our school holidays art workshops were listed in The Daily Telegraph as being one of the 10 best activities for children to participate in during the holidays!
We were proud to be listed with The Australian Museum, the NSW Art Gallery and Sydney Tower.

Our innovative school holiday art programs are written by our experienced teachers who are specialists in art education for children.

NSW Spring School Holidays Art Classes Program

We are running FULL day, 3 hour and short 1½ hour ART workshops to keep your children busy in the holidays

Full Day – 9.30am-3pm   Bring morning tea, lunch and a drink.
3 hours  9.30am-12.30pm, 1-4pm or 1.30-4.30pm   Bring a snack and a drink.
90 mins – Two sessions daily 10.30-12 noon or 1-2.30pm

For the 3 hour workshops the children can bring lunch and morning tea to stay all day.


All art workshops MUST be prepaid by EFT, Paypal, cheque or cash to reserve your child’s place.


Tues 2nd Oct  Full day  9.30am-3pm  Halloween at Hogwarts  $80
 90 min 10.30am-12pm or 1-2.30pm  Vincent van Gogh Inspired Blossom painting  $35
Wed 3rd Oct 3 hours 9.30am-12.30pm Pirates at Sea painting  $55
3 hours 1.30pm-4.30pm Peacock painting  $55
Full day  9.30am-3pm  Animal Action: Drawing and Painting  $80
Thurs 4th Oct  90 min  10.30am-12pm  Favourite Colour Painting $35
   Full day 9.30am-3pm  Mythology- Drawing and Painting $80
 3 hours  9.30am-12.30pm Super Hero Drawing $55
 Fri 5th Oct Full day 9.30am-3pm Spring into Spring: drawing and painting $80
 3 hours  9.30am-12.30pm  Manga and Anime Drawing $55
Mon 8th Oct  3 hours  9.30am-12.30pm  Manga and Anime Drawing $55
   3 hours  9.30am-12.30pm  Peacock drawing and painting  $55
   3 hours 1.30pm-4.30pm  Pirates at Sea: drawing and painting  $55
Tues 9th Oct  3 hours  9.30am-12.30pm  Let’s Party:Mixed Media painting $55
3 hours  1.30pm-4.30pm Cats, Dogs and other Cuddly animals: drawing and painting  $55
 Wed 10th Oct  Full day  9.30am-3pm  Beach Days: Drawing and Painting  $80
Full day 9.30am-3pm Halloween at Hogwarts: Drawing and painting $80
Thurs 11th Oct 3 hours 9.30am-12.30pm To the Moon and Back! drawing and painting $55
 3 hours 1.30am-4.30pm  My Friends and I group portrait painting $55

The art school will be closed Friday the 12th of Oct until Sunday the 14th of Oct

Details for Spring School Holidays Art Workshops:

Halloween at Hogwarts- Drawing and Painting

Ages 7-13 – Tuesday 2nd October OR Wednesday 10th October– 9.30-3pm – Bring lunch,afternoon tea and a drink

Dear Young Wizards and Witches,
We are pleased to inform you of an exciting opportunity to venture into this art program inspired by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Following the Sorting Hat ceremony, students will design their personalised house emblem and collaged hologram chocolate frog character cards using mixed media. To remember your Harry Potter experience for school years to come, students will also complete an acrylic painting of Hogwarts at night! We eagerly await for your arrival on the Hogwarts Express with your spark of creativity, magical powers and chosen wizarding world pet!

Vincent van Gogh Blossom painting

Ages 4-13 – Tuesday 2nd October – 10.30-12 or 1-2.30pm 

10.30am session FULLY BOOKED 1pm session AVAILABLE

Van Gogh’s paintings of Flowering Orchards painted during spring in 1888, symbolise his optimism, sudden outburst of joy, a sense of all the wishes becoming true and his happy months in spring. Your young artists will be inspired by the joyful Blossom paintings painted by the great 19th century Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh to paint a fun spring blossom painting on a 30 x 40cm canvas using acrylic paints, paint brushes and finger tips.

Animal Action! Drawing and Painting

Ages 7-13 – Wednesday 3rd October – 9.30am-3pm – Bring morning tea, lunch and a drink

The young artists will journey through the African plains amongst lions, giraffes and rhinos as well as head to tamer ground with paintings and drawings of our playful pets.
A variety of artworks will be created including a full colour canvas.

Pirates at Sea Drawing and painting

Ages 6-13 – Wednesday 3rd October – 9.30am-12.30pm OR Monday 8th October 1.30-3.30pm– Bring a snack and a drink

Ahoy, me hearties! ‘Tis yer cap’n speakin’.
Avast ye eyes on this workshop where all hands will be on deck to produce a canvas painting of a pirate with his parrot companion! Join the crew as we illustrate the beautiful island sceneries in watercolour, create mosaic collages of precious jewels overflowing in treasure chests and much more. It’ll be a jolly good 3 hours as we learn about composition and how to take our artworks to new depths!

Peacock  painting

Ages 7-13 – Wednesday 3rd October – 1.30am-4.30pm OR Monday 8th October 9.30am-12.30pm – Bring a snack and a drink

It’s such a rare sight to see a peacock gracefully fluttering its wings, let alone have the time to record the moment on camera! In this workshop, you’ll be able to capture this spectacle through your acrylic painting on canvas while learning about tonal variations, composition, painting techniques and the Zentangle technique!

Favourite Colour painting

Ages 5-13 – Thursday 4th October – 10.30am-12pm 

The young artists will be challenged in this workshop to paint an artwork on a canvas using only their favourite colour mixed with white or black eg.Blues, Pinks, purples, greens or yellows. After a brief discussion the young artists will be encouraged to paint their choice of subject using a monochromatic warm or cool colour scheme with their favourite colour. The symbolic use of colour will also be briefly discussed. They will enjoy mixing all the colours needed for this canvas painting.

Mythology -All things Mystical: Drawing and Painting

Ages 6-14 – Thursday 4th October– 9.30am-3pm – Bring morning tea, lunch and a drink

In this workshop the young artists will venture into the mystical world of medieval castles, fire breathing dragons, serpents and other mythological creatures including mysterious mermaids and majestic unicorns!
The young artists will create a canvas painting among other mixed media artworks on paper utilizing a range of art materials.

Super Heroes – drawing

Ages 7-13 – Thursday 4th October – 9.30am-12.30pm – Bring morning tea and a drink

This is a 3 hour workshop where the young artists will learn how to draw their favourite comic superheroes and create their own comic book cover.
Inking and colouring will be included.

Spring into Spring! Mixed media, drawing, painting

Ages 7-13 – Friday 5th October – 9.30am- 3pm Bring morning tea, lunch and a drink

This will be a full day fun workshop for the young artists featuring lambs, piglets, ducklings and other amazing new born animals to draw. Art works based on beautiful blossoms and lots of other budding blooms will  embrace the warmer weather!

Manga and Anime Drawing

Ages 7-13 – Friday 5th October  or Monday 8th October– 9.30am-12.30pm – Bring morning tea and a drink

This 3 hour workshop introduces the young artists to the fun packed world of Manga and Anime! They will learn the entertaining art of drawing in the unique Manga style – the actions, the eyes and of course the amazing hair and outfits. They will start with the basic principles of drawing Manga eyes, hair and bodies, and will then progress through to creating some scenes which will be rendered in ink and watercolours.

Let’s Party mixed media painting

Ages 5-12 – Tuesday 9th October– 9.30am-12.30pm – Bring morning tea  and a drink

This is a class for the younger young artist where they will create their own canvas mixed media painting featuring a creative colourful unicorn piñata complete with loads of lollies and a pop of pop corn. Expect the unexpected with a surprise ice cream cone to complete the party fun!

Cats, dogs and other cuddly animals painting

Ages 5-14 – Tuesday 9th October – 1.30pm-4.30pm- Bring a snack  and a drink

This will be 3 hours full of fun for the young artists creating a wonderful canvas of their favourite feline or playful pooch as well as other cute and cuddly animals including ducklings, piglets and ponies!
They will create a canvas painting as well as a variety of other artworks.

Beach Days: Drawing and painting

Ages 6-14 – Wednesday 10th October – 9.30am-3pm – Bring morning tea, lunch and a drink

The students will enjoy submerging themselves in a beautiful beach experience complete with sun, surf, rock pools, breeching whales, frolicking dolphins and lots more! They will have fun creating an amazing canvas painting and other beachy art creations.

To the Moon and back :Drawing and Painting

Ages 6-13 – Thursday 11th October – 9.30am-12.30pm – Bring morning tea and a drink

Join us on an intergalactic journey through space discovering planets, rockets and aliens in this 3 hour workshop. The young artists will enjoy creating their own canvas space painting.

My Friends and I group portrait painting

Ages 7-13 – Thursday 11th October – 1.30am-4.30pm – Bring afternoon tea and a drink

The young artists will paint a self portrait with friends, family and maybe even pets! They will learn about the proportions of the face and their canvas will be a beautiful keepsake that will hold a special place in the family home.

Children who love to paint or draw and have already been to these workshops previously are welcome to attend again.  A different program of activities guided by our teachers will be given to these children on the workshop day.

School Term Art Classes
Day Classes for Preschoolers 4-8yrs old.  After School Art Classes and Saturday Art Classes.
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All our teachers have had a Working with Children check.

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The programs at Young Artists are written by qualified educators who specialise in art education for children. We aim to make our programs enjoyable for the children because they learn more when they enjoy what they are doing!

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“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Vincent van Gogh