Children’s Art Classes


Our school holidays art workshops were listed in The Daily Telegraph as being one of the 10 best activities for children to participate in during the holidays!
We were proud to be listed with The Australian Museum, the NSW Art Gallery and Sydney Tower.

Our innovative school holiday art programs are written by our experienced teachers who are specialists in art education for children.

NSW Autumn School Holidays Art Classes Program

We are running  2 hour and short 1½ hour ART workshops to keep your children busy in the holidays – No full day workshops will be held during the COVID pandemic.

2 hours  10.30-12.30pm , 10 – 12pm   or 1 – 3pm
90 mins –  10.30-12 noon, 10- 11.30am or 1.30-3pm

Children can attend 2 workshops on a day, they just need to bring lunch and morning tea to stay. An extra $20 will be charged for supervision during lunch.


All art workshops MUST BE PREPAID by EFT, Paypal, cheque or cash in advance to reserve your child’s place. We accept the creative kids voucher for 2 or more workshop bookings. Email the voucher number when booking, with your child’s name and birthdate. Then select bank transfer as payment.

PLEASE NOTE that if a workshop is full, our website will not let you progress to payment.


Thurs 8th Apr 90 min 10.30 am-12


PAINTING – Monarch Butterflies

DRAWING – Anthro Character design



 2 hours 10 am- 12 noon  DRAWING – Manga Cartooning  $50
Fri 9th Apr 90 min 10.30 am-12  PAINTING – A tree in Bloom  $40
90 min

2 hours



DRAWING – Portraits in Profile

DRAWING – Manga Cartooning



Mon 12th Apr 90 min 10.30am – 12 noon PAINTING – Exploding Volcano  $40
 2 hours 1 – 3pm PAINTING – King of the Jungle $50
Tues 13th Apr  90 min 10.30am-12noon PAINTING – Autumn Leaves $40
  90 min 1 – 2.30pm PAINTING – Autumn Trees $40
 Wed 14th Apr 90 min

90 min




PAINTING – Van Gogh Sunflowers



2 hours 10 – 12noon DRAWING – Manga Cartooning $5o
Thurs 15th Apr 90 min 10.30am-12noon PAINTING – Flowers under the Sun $40
 90 min 1.30 – 3pm DRAWING – Jewel Beetles $40
Fri 16th Apr 90 min 10.30-12noon PAINTING – Birds on a Branch $40
90 min 1.30- 3pm DIGITAL ART – My Pet Dinosaur $40
2 hours 10-12noon DRAWING – Manga $40

The art school will be closed Friday 2nd April (Easter weekend) until Wednesday 7th April. Open then for  workshops on the 8th April until Friday 16th April 2021.

Details for the Autumn School Holidays Art Workshops

Painting : Monarch Butterfly

Ages 5-14 – Thursday 8th April – 10.30- 12 

The young artists will enjoy painting a beautiful monarch butterfly while learning how to blend paints on a 30 x 40cm canvas.


Drawing : Anthro character design

Ages 8-14– Thursday 8th April – 1.30am-3pm

Anthro characters are non-human characters who have human characteristics, whether they happen to be animals, plants, objects (including toys) or anything that is not an organism.

Inspired by movies such as Extremely Goofy Movie and Zootopia the young artists will develop their character design skills in this enjoyable drawing workshop.


Cartoon drawing : Manga

Ages 8-14 – Thursday 8th, Friday 9th, Wednesday 14th or Friday 16th April– 10-12 pm 

This 2 hour workshop introduces the young artists to the fun packed world of Manga and Anime! They will learn the entertaining art of drawing in the unique Manga style – the actions, the eyes and of course the amazing hair and outfits. They will start with the basic principles of drawing Manga eyes, hair and bodies, and will then progress through to creating some scenes which will be rendered in ink and watercolours if time permits.

Painting : A Tree in Bloom

Ages 5-14 – Friday 9th April– 10.30 – 12pm

Your young artists will paint a spring time tree in full bloom. They will learn how to blend paints and will be introduced to dot painting.

Drawing : Portraits in Profile

Ages 8-14 years – Friday 9th April 1.30pm-3pm   

The young artists will learn how to draw realistic portraits in profile (side view) inspired by artist Betty Edwards. Betty Edwards is an American art teacher and author best known for her 1979 book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Painting : Exploding Volcano

Ages 5-14 – Monday 12th April – 10.30am – 12 

Painting techniques like dripping, splattering, sponging and dabbing will be explored, while the young artists create an exploding volcano painting on canvas. Lots of fun to be had in this workshop!


Mixed media Painting : King of the Jungle

Ages 8 – 14 years  Monday 12th Aril – 1-3pm 

The young artists will paint a portrait of the king of the jungle on a canvas. They will enjoy creating a modern interpretation of a lion using expressive brush strokes and a range of mixed media.


Painting : Autumn Trees

Ages 7 +  Tuesday 13th April – 1pm-2.30pm

In this workshop the young artists will enjoy painting a beautiful contemporary Autumn tree picture on a canvas using acrylics. Painting techniques like dabbing and dotting will be explored in this workshop. The young artists will also learn about warm and cool colours plus they can choose to add a sprinkle of glitter to finish it off.

Painting : Autumn Leaves

Ages 5 +  Tuesday 13th April – 10.30am-12 noon 

In this workshop the young artists will enjoy painting a beautiful contemporary Autumn leaves picture on a 30 x 40cm canvas using acrylics. Painting techniques like blending, dabbing, outlining and sponging will be explored in this workshop. The young artists will also learn about warm and cool colours. They can choose to add a sprinkle of glitter to finish it off.



Mixed Media Painting : Cuddly Pandas

Ages 5 + Wednesday 14th April – 10.30am – 12 noon 

This is an open level workshop for young artists of all ages and abilities. Acrylics, wash, oil pastel and collage will be used to create this mixed media canvas work of a cute and cuddly panda bear.


Painting : Vincent van Gogh sunflowers

Ages 6-13 – Wednesday 14th April – 1pm – 2.30pm

The young artists will paint a bouquet of sunflowers in a vase, inspired by the great 19th century Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh’s sunflowers were intended to be a symbol of friendship and a celebration of the beauty and vitality of nature. The sunflower pictures were among the first paintings Van Gogh produced in Arles that show his signature expressive style. The young artists will learn about contrasting and harmonious colours in this workshop.


Painting : Flowers under the sun

Ages 5-14 – Thursday 15th April – 10.30pm- 12 noon

The young artists will use bold colours and clean lines to paint a stylized springtime scene.

Drawing : Jewel beetles

Ages 10-14 – Thursday 15th April – 1.30am- 3pm

The young artists will draw a series of unique insects in jewel tones.

Painting : Birds on a Branch

Ages 5-14 – Friday 16th April – 10.30pm- 12pm

 The young artists will paint a cute blue bird perched on top of a blossoming branch. This will be created on a 30 x 40cm canvas.

Digital Art : My pet dinosaur

Ages 9-14 – Friday 16th April  – 1.30pm- 3pm

Inspired by the wild west series by Shaun Keena, the young artists will learn to draw a character ( or themselves ) riding their favourite dinosaur!

They will need to bring their own device and stylus with one of the following programs downloaded.

Procreate (apple only)

Ibis paint X (android and apple) free

Autodesk sketchbook (android and apple) free


Children who love to paint or draw and have already been to these workshops previously are welcome to attend again.  A different program of activities guided by our teachers will be given to these children on the workshop day.

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All our teachers have had a Working with Children check.

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The programs at Young Artists are written by qualified educators who specialise in art education for children. We aim to make our programs enjoyable for the children because they learn more when they enjoy what they are doing!

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“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Vincent van Gogh