SORRY NO 10% Sibling discount for 1 extra child – DURING COVID-19 Terms 2,3,4

DUE to COVID-19 and our loss of income we cannot give sibling discounts Terms 3 and 4. We apologise for this but we are still trying to recover after our 12 week closure.

10% Sibling discount for 1 child only     10 week Term Classes  $300   -$30  will be subtracted from your amount when applied (once only)

(the 10% Sibling discount only applies for a full 10 week term – excludes Preschool, Kindy, Manga cartooning, Digital and drawing classes).

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The programs at Young Artists are written by qualified educators who specialise in art education for children.  We aim to make our programs enjoyable for the children because they learn more when they enjoy what they are doing!

Young Artists is found in the Hills district in Sydney.  Our professional light filled studio space is located at Unit 43, 9 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154.
There is parking at the front door.

“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Vincent van Gogh