Beauty and the Beast: Still-life drawing

Ages 7-13 – Tues 15th January – 1pm-4pm – Bring a snack and a drink

Be our guest! Be our guest! Put your art skills to the test!
This workshop puts a twist to traditional still-life drawing, allowing students to develop their understanding of shading, tonal work and perspective in a fun way. Students will learn how to draw their favourite characters from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ such as Cogsworth, Lumiere and Ms Potts and arrange them to form an imaginative still-life artwork.
Book now and join us before the last petal falls off the enchanted rose!

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The programs at Young Artists are written by qualified educators who specialise in art education for children.  We aim to make our programs enjoyable for the children because they learn more when they enjoy what they are doing!

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“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Vincent van Gogh