Thursday Digital Art Classes: 9-15 yrs, 5.45pm-7.00pm

Cost: $315

Term length: 10 weeks

Modern age art created through the screen! This class delves into the wonderful world of Digital Art, and its endless possibilities. Young artists are guided by our experienced teacher in their choice of digital art programs like Pro Create and Ibis Paint, and will learn all the tricks and techniques to start becoming a master of digital art! Our Digital Art class goes into multiple features of their programs like various brush types, layering, blending modes, and even animation. The students will learn to utilise these features to create amazing digital artworks, no matter their experience level.

What will a Digital Art student need?

  • A usable tablet or iPad and stylus – Laptops can also be used.
  • A digital art program: Our teacher recommends Procreate or Ibis Paint X.

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