Hi Ms Blatchford, or perhaps I should address you as Jane,

I am not sure if you remember me, I was one of your year 9 art students at OLSH.

Throughout my life many events have occurred but I have never forgotten how much you helped me in pursuing my dreams in the art field.

My friends are so intrigued by my talents and I always remember how you have helped me.

During a parent teacher interview, you spoke to my parents about how strongly you felt that I should continue in art learning.  After that day, I have continued the path.  Although it wasn’t smooth sailing I am on the right track now.

I just wanted to thank you very much for speaking up as a teacher to my parents.  I know not all teachers would take an extra step but you did.

I really would hope to meet you again and catch up on some Art talk.  Thanks to social media, I found you through LinkedIn, I know you have established a Young Artists business and must be really busy with your schedule.  I sincerely do hope we could meet again.

Please excuse me for sending you this letter via your work email.  Hope this is alright with you.

Warm regards,
Eska Chen
Art Decorator

Hi Jane,

We really appreciate all the help and guidelines received from you and your team. Both Arnika & Dahmon are really enjoying the class and  you can definitely tell there has been a major improvement in their art works. We also believe it has helped a lot in their general lifestyle; they are happier, healthier and have a very good overall mental health.   


Amir & Ghazaleh.

Dear Jane,

The time I’ve spent at your school has helped me immensely as I have developed my art skills. I have always loved attending this school with it’s kind and insightful teachers, and will never forget all it has taught me after I leave 9 and ¾ years later.

Thank you for everything,


Hi Jane,

Just a quick note of thanks…  My daughter Aleksia has attended a few school holiday workshops, and I wanted to let you know of the amazing transformations I’ve noticed in her since your classes.

Aleksia loves attending your Art School and I believe this is the highlight of her week.  Her confidence has increased, not only in her creativity, but is also reflected in other areas of her personal life.  She no longer leans on me for inspiration or ideas about what to draw or make, it now flows to her innately.  I’ve noticed that her thinking has broadened and her imagination has no limitations.  Her little ‘surprise’ notes and cards she makes for me and hides in my handbag or on my pillow are priceless, and is something she has initiated over the past few months now that her creativity is flowing abundantly.  I’ve watched you teach not only Aleksia but also the other children in your School.  Whilst your experience and skill are invaluable, it’s your ability to inspire your students to tap into their own individual creativity in a caring and safe environment, for each child to express their own personal creativity.

I’m extremely grateful to you Jane for the passion you bring to your School and the desire for success you hold for your students.  Your Art School comes with my highest recommendation!

Kind regards,
Dee Wiener

Young Artists COVID-19 SAFE PLAN

“So far you guys are doing really well for all those COVID safe measures. Just wanted you to know we feel safe to send kids there and we deeply appreciate this. Please keep up the good work.”

Julie Cooray

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for the wonderful time I’ve had at Young Artists! I’m really sad that I’m leaving, but I’ll always have great memories of my time here from Kindergarten to Year 10. Thank you for being the most patient and kind art teacher, I have learnt so much over the past 11 years and I will make sure to keep creating artworks.

I hope you have fun teaching my little brother, he is already very excited!

Best wishes,


Dear Jane,

I wanted to say how much my daughter loves learning painting, drawing and pottery in your pre-school class. After much research, we found your school to offer the best qualified teachers with enriching course content for all ages.

We greatly appreciate the light filled rooms, which are well equipped with wonderful inspiring artwork completed by your advanced older students. Very impressed with the accolades and awards that your long time students have achieved e.g. Young Archibald Prize.

You are so nurturing with your students, that the children are so calmly creative, completing wonderful art work in such a short time.

Learning art is a lovely companion to all the sporting physical activity in our week. It is developing her creativity and confidence, that we know your school will support in years to come. We find your art class to be a highlight of the week!

Thank you!

Amanda L.

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for all you did in preparation for our daughter’s birthday party.  It was a huge success and we appreciate you and your team.
What a lovely surprise to find a birthday gift as well.  We will definitely recommend your studio.

Kind regards,
Annalise Selzer

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for my fantastic art party. All my friends loved it and I thought it was my best party ever.

Olivia Silcock (8 years old)

I like that I can come here and just do what I love and there is proper equipment for us to use. I feel like I improved a lot in my drawings and always look forward to coming here.

Valeria. M – 12 years old

I love going to art because it is fun and it brings me joy. Best art school ever!!

Olivia. C – 8 years old

I like doing art here because my teacher teaches me things I have never known before, helping me make my best artworks.

Hamish – 13 years old

I like this art class because I love the artworks and the sculptures and I want to be anartist so thats why I want to be in this school.

Victoria – 5 years old

I like knowing everytime I walk in this building that even if I make a mistake it’s ok.

Sienna. Q – 10 years old

I like coming to art class because it feels like home and it helps me relax and also it is calming.

Alicia. B – 7 years old

Young Artists is a safe place where I feel like I can learn and make art without judgment. I can try a range of styles and techniques that I’ve never done before. It’s a calming space where everyone’s unique styles are appreciated.

Anahita. S – 17 years old

I like coming here because it’s fun and the teachers are kind and help us around

Juap – 6 years old

I love Young Artists because of the amazing community of talented, helpful, teachers and students. I’m free to be creative and fall in love with my art!

Charlotte. H – 18 years old

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The programs at Young Artists are written by qualified educators who specialise in art education for children.  We aim to make our programs enjoyable for the children because they learn more when they enjoy what they are doing!

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“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Vincent van Gogh